Hanna, at your service. There are some who call me Tim. 21. College student. Literature fanatic.

Lainaa minulle siipesi.

You're not obliged to swallow anything you despise.

yes, truly, i am nothing more than a wanderer, a pilgrim on this earth! you, then—are you anything more?

This blog is a smorgasbord of random stuff that I reblog. Almost none of it is original. I post a lot about politics, human rights, social justice, and feminism. I am a sucker for bad puns and beards. Tattoos are pretty nice too. I'm an English major heading into the world of human rights and I am super excited about what positive changes I can help make happen in this world. If you would like to join me in my fight for freedom (how do you like That alliteration?), feel free to stop on by and send me a line. I respond to everyone.

Daily Poem.

Sneak preview of what Kira and I did this week! #scary #spoopy #murderess #cnr

Sneak preview of what Kira and I did this week! #scary #spoopy #murderess #cnr

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